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We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of providing professional hygiene services in the food industry, restaurants, agriculture, hotels, supermarkets, logistics and therefore, we can provide the highest quality of services to our customers.

Hygiene audit

We make hygiene audit in the company, identify contamination risk locations and factors influencing the formation of contamination sources. We provide recommendations on how to deal with dirt and reduce contamination.

Reducing contamination

Major sources of contamination are identified according to the results of hygiene audit. In order to reduce the build-up of dirt on various surfaces, floors, walls, ceilings, equipment, HVAC systems and air we select required specification products based on the results of the hygiene evaluation. We recommend complex measures that eliminate the causes of contamination.

Food safety

Food safety is one of the top priorities for companies that produce and supply food. Microbiological contamination, pathogens are a major contributor to food spoilage. We are aware of food safety issues, their causes and can offer effective specialized products and solutions that may reduce the risks of microbiological contamination and pathogens, both on the food itself and on surfaces which are in contact with food.

Customization of sustainable technologies

We provide recommendations on how to customize sustainable cleanliness, hygiene and food safety technologies and products. All of our recommended products and solutions are designed to reduce the use of traditional detergents and other materials, are environmentally friendly, user-friendly and technologically advanced.

We create a safe and clean environment for You!